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MAC Rendering Offer A Full 3 Year Rendering Application Guarantee.

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How Much To Render A House? - Our Rendering Prices

We often get asked how much to render a house and how much does rendering cost by our customers before rendering a house. Our prices are tailored to each individual job to ensure that we can organise and provide the customer with the best standard of work possible, using the best quality materials and manufacturers on the market in the UK and Europe, such as K Rend, Parex, Weber and JUB.

MAC Rendering will build and provide you with a render system that is designed specifically to your property. Keeping budget in mind is important but providing a rendering system that will last and carry the genuine guarantees is arguable more important. For example, our rendering company has a free 3 year applicator guarantee and 5 year free crack repair guarantee.

Our rendering contractors use the latest renders and machines that allow us to work with speed and precision. An example of one of the specialist rendering machines we use is manufactured by PFT Rendering Machines in Germany.

Finding A Reputable Rendering Applicator

When looking to render a house and find out a little more about how much does rendering cost, you should be sure to use an approved applicator and renderers with plenty of rendering experience. Regardless of which business or applicator you choose, we only recommend applicators with a proven track record in all aspects of external house rendering. You could even ask a series of questions to check on the credibility of whichever rendering company you are considering to use to render the back and front of your house and ensure they have 5 star reviews. If you would like any advice on this, please contact our rendering team for a free quote and consultation.

We advise that you should be extremely wary of people willing to have a go, who have never applied these types of renders or products before or have a little to no experience using modern rendering techniques. If the finish is not right the first time it can be even more expensive to correct. In some instances, it can be double the initial labour and material cost of the application of the render if it has to be removed and re-rendered.

How Much Does Rendering Cost?

How much to render a house depends on various factors. Determining the cost of rendering a house comes down to a few key points including how much does render cost per m2, the size of your property, how much scaffolding is required to achieve the appropriate access, how much waste will need to be disposed off after project completion and what type of render material will the property be finished with.

Before starting any rendering project it’s best practice for us to come and visit the property to properly create a step by step process covering the entire job from start to finish. A typical process for applying render to a house is to erect scaffolding, protect windows and other fixtures, prepare the areas of application to fit EPS boards, application of the base coat and mesh, finish with the different external render finishes types we have on offer and then clean, dispose and tidy the site.

The prices listed are only estimates, they do not include scaffolding or removing existing render. Other costs to consider can be viewed towards the bottom of the page. Prices also vary around the UK. All works need to be visited, priced accordingly followed by a written quotation.

Different Types of Render Finishes

There are various types of render finishes to choose from. Each has their own pros and cons so it can be difficult to figure out exactly which render to use on your house. Below we have a short breakdown of each of the main rendering finishes we would recommend using to render a house.

Below we have a full breakdown of the our typical rendering costs and prices when undertaking a project throughout Sheffield, Rotherham, Chesterfield and South Yorkshire. Please take a good look through our price list and do not hesitate to contact MAC Rendering should you have any questions.

Monocouche Render Cost Guide

Below you can find information regarding Monocouche Rendering prices, ratings and manufacturers.

Monocouche Render is also known as Through Colour Render and Scratch Render.

Monocouche Render Prices

  • Approximately £35 – £55 per M2
  • Price varies on the type of base coat needed. Fully / Part meshed, substrate preparation and waterproofing requirements.

We’d Rate Monocouche Render As The Following:

  • Waterproofing = 4/5
  • Breathability = 5/5
  • Flexibility = 3/5
  • Time To Apply = 5/5

Popular Manufacturers of Monocouche Render:

  • Weber
  • K Rend
  • Parex
  • Eco Rend

Find out more about Monocouche Rendering by clicking here.

Silicone Render Cost Guide

Below you can find information about Silicone Rendering prices, ratings and manufacturers.

Silicone Render is also known as Acrylic Render and Thin Coat Render.

Silicone Render Prices

  • Approximately £45 – £65 per M2
  • Price varies on type of base coat needed, fully/ part meshed, substrate preparation, waterproofing requirements and manufacturer chosen.

We’d Rate Silicone Render As The Following:

  • Waterproofing = 5/5
  • Breathability = 5/5
  • Flexibility = 5/5
  • Time To Apply = 3/5

Popular Manufacturers of Silicone Render:

  • Parex
  • JUB
  • Mapei
  • Johnstones

Find out more about Thin Coat Silicone Rendering by clicking here.

Traditional Sand and Cement Render Cost Guide

Below you can find information about Traditional Sand and Cement Rendering prices, ratings and manufacturers.

Sand and Cement Renders include popular finishes including Pebble Dash, Tyrolean and Plain Faced Render.

Sand and Cement Render Prices

  • Approximately £25 – £40 per M2
  • Price varies on type of render finish, fully/ part meshed and substrate preparation.

We’d Rate Sand and Cement Render As The Following:

  • Waterproofing = 3/5
  • Breathability = 3/5
  • Flexibility = 2/5
  • Time To Apply = 5/5

Find out more about Traditional Sand and Cement Rendering by clicking here.

External Wall Insulation Cost Guide

Below you can find information about External Wall Insulation prices, ratings and manufacturers.

External Wall Insulation Prices

  • Approximately £90 – £110 per M2
  • Price varies on type of base coat/ boards needed, substrate preparation, waterproofing requirements and manufacturer chosen.

Price does not include verge trims, sill extensions, waste / soil / down pipe alterations or any other works apart from basic supply and fit.

External Wall Insulation Benefits:

  • Reduce your heating bills by 35%.
  • Reduce risk of black mould, damp spots and peeling wallpaper.
  • Modern and efficient way to insulate your home.
  • More flexible than internal wall insulation.
  • Various rendering finishes available with great colour options.

Find out more about External Wall Insulation by clicking here.

Other Render Costs To Consider:

There are other costs to consider when undertaking a render project. The render prices above do not include any of the additional costs below.

  • Scaffolding Costs – prices varies on the size of project. Typically a 3 bed semi costs £550 – £750 + VAT).
  • Removing Existing Render Costs – prices vary depending on the size of property.
  • Waste Disposal Costs – we organise all waste disposal to keep your property clean, such as hiring a skip to keep the site tidy.
  • Protective Tape Costs – this involves the prices for protecting your windows, floors, gutters, downpipes with protective tapes and temporary sheets.

How Much Does It Cost To Render A House Per Square Metre?

If you are wondering how much it costs to render a house per square metre, it completely depends on the type of render used and also the size of the property. Determining how much it costs to render a house because render prices per square metre vary depending on your property location. For example, rendering costs more per square metre if you are based in the South of England compared to the North of England.

Rough estimates on how many square metres your property will be:

  • Small Terrace House: 30-60 square metres
  • Larger Terrace House: 70-170 square metres
  • Average Semi Detached House: 90-130 square metres
  • Small Detached House: 100-180 square metres
  • Large Detached House: 180+ square metres

PLEASE NOTE: These are very vague estimates that have been created using the averages of previous jobs we have completed.

How Much To Render A House Conclusion

We hope that this article has helped you understand the costs involved on how much to render a house. Our aim is to provide you with the complete rendering service.

All rendering prices above are rough estimates and the final project price will completely depend on the materials used, manufacturers used, size of property and any other additional services that are required (e.g. scaffolding, waste disposal, etc).

If you would like help to render a house, our rendering company MAC Rendering can provide prices which always include:

  • A genuine manufacturers guarantee.
  • A genuine applicators guarantee.
  • A free 2 year crack repair guarantee.
  • A project that is specifically designed to your property.
  • Aftercare, advice and great customer service.
  • Quality workmanship.

We have more information on each type of Render Finish on our Rendering Services page.

You can find more helpful rendering articles on our blog.

Request Your Free Rendering Quote & Price

Hopefully this article on how much it costs to render a house will have given you enough to work out what a reasonable charge is for rendering a property in Sheffield, Rotherham, Chesterfield and South Yorkshire.

Re-rendering a property will be a considerable investment, but an investment that will enhance the appearance of your home and more than likely add value through saving you money through reducing expensive heating bills and improving energy efficiency ratings.

We will most likely not be the cheapest quote, but our many reviews from the web show we provide you with the best service and quality possible that justifies the difference in prices.

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How Much To Render A House

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Here at MAC Rendering, we offer a range of plastering and rendering services across South Yorkshire using only the best quality render products and manufacturers. All rendering comes with a FREE 3 year applicator guarantee, 0% VAT on EWI works and a 10-30 year manufactures guarantee.


MAC Plastering & Rendering Sheffield work hard for our 5 star reviews. We have a selection of customer testimonials from various rendering and plastering projects on our reviews page.

Tracey Webster

MAC Plastering recently rendered my elderly parents house after they had been badly let down and overcharged by another company. Chris was so supportive and patient with my parents who are vulnerable. He is without question the most professional workman we have had contact with. The quality of the rendering is immaculate. Chris/MAC are friendly, polite and extremely hardworking. The pricing was very reasonable and options fully explained to us. I cannot recommend him highly enough and he is obviously truly committed to putting the customers needs and requirements first. All round first class service and excellent workmanship!

Paul Hartley

Chris is polite and knowledge guy, gave advise on colour of rendering to match new door and windows.
Free quote and no pressure from him to complete work.
Arrived on time to start job, And finished when said.
Back of of property rendered looks absolutely amazing totally different house! Had no end of people comment on how nice it looks!
Would definitely recommend!
Thanks Chris and his team

Julie Brotherton

From our initial call to the end of the process Chris is in constant contact to let you know what’s happening next in the process. Both Chris and Connor are respectful and polite.
The work carried out is of a excellent standard the rendering looks really sharp and has a lovely finish. The edges look really crisp and even. There are lots of colours to choose from and Chris is patient while you decide which one that you would like and gives his advice too. We will recommend MAC plastering- rendering to anyone.
Thank you Chris and Connor