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External Wall Insulation

3 Year Applicator Guarantee

MAC Rendering Offer A Full 3 Year Rendering Application Guarantee.

0% VAT on EWI works

All installations of external wall insulation are priced without the addition of VAT.

Manufacturers Guarantee

Our Render Manufacturers Give Up To 10 to 30 Year Manufacturer Guarantees.

External Wall Insulation Sheffield - Covering All Areas Within South Yorkshire

If you are looking for a way to insulate your property then External Wall Insulation (EWI) is a great way of achieving that goal. External Wall Insulation is suitable for properties without a cavity or a solid wall construction. These EWI systems will keep your home warmer and can be finished with either Monocouche Render or a Thin Coat Silicone Render.

Our rendering contractors only use the best quality materials and manufacturers to produce a finish suitable for an EWI system, such as K Rend and Parex. Normal Monocouche systems cannot be used due to the weight of the render but there are other Lightweight Monocouche Systems that are designed to cover External Wall Insulation.

Thin Coat Silicone Render is another great rendering material to cover EWI when you want to use more traditional finishes such as Pebbledash.

Using Only The Best Quality Manufacturers

Why External Wall Insulation Systems?

As you can see from the image, we can lose up to 35% of our homes heat through un-insulated walls. This can cause freezing cold walls that never seem to get warm and leads to most people turning the heating up to full.

Heating a cold room with cold walls will most likely lead to condensation forming usually on the external wall, the same wall your window is on. This can create various problems with potentially high repair costs due to the build up of moisture causing black mould, damp spots or peeling wallpaper.

The problem occurs due to the heating pumping warm air into a cold room to heat it up. The warm air hits a cold wall which creates moisture. This moisture then forms condensation due to the warm air meeting the cold air on the surface of the cold wall. The wall is cold because the only barrier between the room and outside is usually a solid brick construction with no cavity.

Internal Wall Insulation is not always the most practical answer. It involves altering skirting boards, carpets or floor coverings, re-boarding external walls on the inside of the property, plastering and re-decorating. If there is a door frame or radiator tight against the wall the cost and disruption will increase. This is why external wall insulation can be a more cost effective and practical way of insulating your home.

External Wall Insulation Can Save Save You Money From Heating Bills
External Wall Insulation Sheffield - EWI Systems - Mac Plastering & Rendering

External Wall Insulation Process

The image above is the process showing the boarded stage, the base coated stage and finally topped off with a thin coat render.

Insulating from the outside of your property will save you on the disruption that can occur with internally insulating. The process involved in installing an EWI Systems is as follows:

  • Erecting scaffolding to give access to areas requiring EWI.
  • Protect windows and other fixtures.
  • Prepare areas of application and fit EPS boards.
  • Apply the base coat and mesh to the full system.
  • Finish with the rendering material of your choice.
  • Clean, dispose leftover waste and dismantle scaffolding.

Typical finishes include Monocouche Render, Acrylic / Silicone Render, Pebbledashed, Nanosil Self Cleaning Render and more.

MAC Rendering offer External Wall Insulation Sheffield, Rotherham, Chesterfield and across South Yorkshire.

External Wall Insulation Prices

The lefthand side image above shows a Thin Coat Silicone Render System over an EWI. The righthand side image above shows a Lightweight Monocouche System over EWI.

Typically you can expect a professionally installed EWI system to cost in between £90.00 -£110.00 per square metre with verge trims, scaffolding and any alterations being an additional cost. More on External Wall Insulation prices can be found on our prices page.

There are other costs to consider with External Wall Insulation, such as external window sills extended, waste pipes and downpipes altered to accommodate the extra 90-105mm render system.

All of the systems we used are completed to manufacturer specifications allowing us to offer the relevant guarantees and warranties. Our rendering contractors are NVQ Qualified, CSCS approved and hold Public Liability Insurance to give our customers ultimate peace of mind in knowing that they have chosen a reputable rendering company to install the EWI System.

Guarantees Made For You

MAC Rendering offer 3 guarantees for all External Wall Insulation works to give you the extra reassurance that your investment will be to the highest of standards, fully functional and very long lasting.

The Manufacturers guarantee

The manufacturers guarantee – This covers the customer in the event of the product failing. If the product has been applied correctly using the correct materials this is highly unlikely to happen. Manufacturers guarantees range from 10 – 30 years and give you, the customer, peace of mind.

The MAC Rendering Guarantee

We cover our own works for 3 years. This covers the application process and the work we have carried out, this ensures the materials have been applied and used correctly to achieve the final finish

0% VAT on EWI works

To make external wall insulation more accessible, the Government offer external wall insulation without VAT in a bid to reduce cost on energy saving materials.