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Monocouche Render

3 Year Applicator Guarantee

MAC Rendering Offer A Full 3 Year Rendering Application Guarantee.

0% VAT on EWI works

All installations of external wall insulation are priced without the addition of VAT.

Manufacturers Guarantee

Our Render Manufacturers Give Up To 10 to 30 Year Manufacturer Guarantees.

Monocouche Render Sheffield - Covering All Areas With South Yorkshire

Monocouche Render is a great rendering system that offers a low maintenance, breathable, water resistant and coloured coating that will add value whilst improving the look of your property. This type of render is also known as Through Colour Render and Scratch Render.

Monocouche Render is a through coloured, cement based render which comes pre-bagged enabling quick and easy application with the addition of water. Monocouche Render is a type of render that is manufactured by many large companies across Europe. K Rend, Parex, Weber, Eco Rend and FASSA are probably some of the more well know higher quality manufacturers of Monocouche in the UK.

The differences between the manufacturers in a short answer is, not a lot. Some are known as slow setters which mean they may take a few extra hours to dry. There’s also a very slight difference in the colours they offer with each manufacturer offering between 30 and 60 colours ranging from white, off white and cream to grey, sky blues and terracotta reds.

Monocouche Render Sheffield - MAC Rendering

Using Only The Best Quality Manufacturers

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Why Use Monocouche Render Systems?

Monocouche Render is a good quality mid-range / mid budget render coating offering a better quality, lower maintenance coating than other traditional sand and cement render systems. MAC Plastering & Rendering strongly recommend considering using a Monocouche Render due to the many advantages it possesses over other systems.

We only use products from one manufacturer which therefore allows us to pass a genuine manufacturers guarantee to all our customers. If you would like a K Rend Monocouche System, then our rendering contractors will use:

  • K Rend Base Coats
  • K Rend Mesh
  • K Rend Monocouche

Mixing and matching manufacturers products and materials will automatically void any warranty or guarantee. Using cheaper manufacturers mesh will again, immediately void your warranty. Whilst sourcing cheaper products could save you costs on the project short term, in the long term it could create serious problems due to voided warranties. This is not best practice and something we do not ever recommend and of our rendering customers doing.

Monocouche can be applied either by hand or sprayed through a machine. Hand application can be a slow and very labour intensive process. Spraying the material through a machine is much quicker and easier, it allows your project to be completed in a shorter time frame, reducing potential increases in costs (e.g. labour time).

MAC Rendering have completed hundreds of projects with Monocouche Rendering Sheffield, Rotherham, Chesterfield and South Yorkshire. If you would like to request a free quote for our Monocouche Rendering then please contact us. If you have any questions then it might be worth taking a quick look at our FAQ page to see if any previous customers have raised these queries.

Monocouche Render Sheffield - MAC Rendering

Monocouche Rendering Process

Here at MAC Rendering every render that we use goes through a machine. The process of using Monocouche Render would run as follows for a domestic customer:

  • Scaffolding erected by a reputable local scaffolding company.
  • Existing render removed and disposed.
  • Beading and trims fitted fully to the property to provide a clean, sharp edge to render up towards.
  • A base coat is sprayed onto the surface, followed by the manufacturers own fibreglass mesh embedded into the material.
  • Once the base coat is dry a top coat of coloured Monocouche is sprayed and allowed to dry between 6-16 hours. It’s then scraped back to reveal the pitted, textured finish.
  • The system must is allowed to dry for up to 10 days.
  • Application of waterproofed sealer to avoid any moss, algae or general dirt staining your new render.
  • Clean, tidy and dispose of any leftover waste.

The final thickness of the full Monocouche system is 15mm (5mm base coat and 10mm of Monocouche). We prefer using a base coat as it adheres better to the substrate and provides an ideal substrate for the top coat of Monocouche. We can also apply the mesh into your base coat to fully concentrate the Monocouche stage without cutting and bedding mesh into the system.

We work like this because it allows the project to run more efficiently. The base coating allows us to neutralise the background and prepare any unsightly brickwork beforehand. It’s also the preferred method of the manufacturers we use.

Monocouche Render Sheffield - MAC Rendering

Monocouche Render Prices

We look after our customers. That’s our primary aim and goal with every single project undertaken. You will not find the same level of aftercare with any other locally based rendering company in Sheffield, Rotherham, Chesterfield and throughout South Yorkshire.

MAC Rendering have worked very hard over the years to build up good working relationships with various render manufacturers and Monocouche Repair companies. This enables us to pass on the best aftercare and advice possible to our customers.

Typically you can expect professionally installed Monocouche Render systems to cost in the range of £40-£55 per square metre (m2) but this massively varies from job to job. See our rendering prices here.

It’s quite hard to price domestic jobs per square metre due to many other cost factors that go into the project, such as scaffolding, waste disposal, skips, stripping external render, etc. This has not been included into the above price range and is determined upon our final quote.

Therefore it might be worth contacting us directly so we can arrange a visit to your property to get a better understanding of what the project will include. Here we will be able to easily analyse exactly what you need, manufacturer you would like to use, colour choices and much more. Contact us for a free quote and consultation today.

Winter working is possible, in fact we use Monocouche all year round and have done for many years now. As long as the temperature is above 3 with no driving rain forecast we will work. Summer can provide its own dilemmas with hot weather and warm winds.

Applying Our BBA Approved Beads

Our beads are BBA approved which again the manufacturers like to see. Beads are basically trims that we render up to and come in 4 different styles each doing a different job which give the final finished job the clean, crisp and sharp finish you desire.

Angle Bead

Angle beads used on external corners and around windows / doors. This will help us keep a fine angle to render up against to produce an excellent finish.

Stop Beads

Stop beads provide a stop edge so that we can work properly under the window sills, along your soffits and anywhere we need the render to stop itself.

Bell Cast/Drip Beads

These are used mainly horizontally along the bottom of the render to provide a “drip” allowing water to drop clear away from the render.

Expansion Joints

Rarely used but provide a movement joint and a break in the render if the background changes from (for example) brickwork to block work.

Guarantees Made For You

MAC Rendering offer 3 guarantees for all Monocouche Render works to give you the extra reassurance that your investment will be to the highest of standards, fully functional and very long lasting.

The Manufacturers guarantee

The manufacturers guarantee – This covers the customer in the event of the product failing. If the product has been applied correctly using the correct materials this is highly unlikely to happen. Manufacturers guarantees range from 10 – 30 years and give you, the customer, peace of mind.

The MAC Rendering Guarantee

We cover our own works for 3 years. This covers the application process and the work we have carried out, this ensures the materials have been applied and used correctly to achieve the final finish

0% VAT on EWI works

To make external wall insulation more accessible, the Government offer external wall insulation without VAT in a bid to reduce cost on energy saving materials.