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Sand and Cement Render

3 Year Applicator Guarantee

MAC Rendering Offer A Full 3 Year Rendering Application Guarantee.

0% VAT on EWI works

All installations of external wall insulation are priced without the addition of VAT.

Manufacturers Guarantee

Our Render Manufacturers Give Up To 10 to 30 Year Manufacturer Guarantees.

Sand and Cement Render Sheffield - Covering All Areas Within South Yorkshire

Traditional Rendering using Sand and Cement Render Sheffield is a category we would put into Pebbledash, Plain Faced Render and Tyrolean into. These types of rendering systems are much cheaper, budget type of renders that will need maintaining every 2-3 years.

The overall cost of rendering a wall and then applying the paint, pebbles (spar) or a Tyrolean coating will take you within a few hundred pounds of what a Monocouche Render system would cost. Although Sand and Cement based Renders such as Pebbledash and Tyrolean are cheaper it doesn’t always mean it’s the best option for a limited budget.

For example, the actual application of the Traditional Renders will save you money during the initial installation but requires much more frequent maintenance.  Therefore it can cause costs to increase further down the line and over a period of 10 years can prove to be more expensive than the other rendering systems we recommend such as Monocouche Renders or Silicone Renders.

Sand and Cement Render Sheffield - Rendering - MAC Rendering

Using Only The Best Quality Manufacturers

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Pebble Dashing Sheffield

Pebble Dash Render is a traditional type of external house render that is extremely hard wearing to withstand harsh weather. It’s a very popular method of rendering for properties across the UK and if applied correctly can be a great exterior coating.

The traditional application for Pebble Dashing begins with a similar process for Sand and Cement Render. It combines both sand and cement of which is then applied to the walls using a flat and smooth trowel. Done correctly and using a nice Spar, this Render System can enhance the appearance of any property.

Spar Chippings are thrown onto the wet, flat base coat to achieve this finish. The pebbles can be left to form a natural look or painted over coloured with paint.

Pebble Dashing Sheffield - MAC Plastering & Rendering
Sand and Cement Render Sheffield - Rendering - MAC Rendering

Plain Faced Rendering Sheffield

Plain Faced Render is exactly what is sounds like, a plain grey sponged render finish of which you would have painted by a professional painter. We do not mix sand and cement on our customers driveways anymore but instead opt to use a pre-bagged version that can easily be pumped through a machine and sprayed onto the wall.

This Plain Faced Render System applied using our spraying rendering machines is faster and requires less time spent on the job. This can help reduce labour costs for our customers which works great for people on limited budgets or looking to save as much money as possible re-rendering their home.

Part mesh or full mesh is available upon customer request but please remember the cost of rendering and painting. Having these additional services will take you close to the cost of a higher quality, lower maintenance Monocouche Render System.

Tyrolean Render Sheffield

Tyrolean Render is a Coloured Render that was popular in the late 80’s and 90’s. It comes as a pre-prepared base coat topped off with a coloured splatter like finish. Tyrolean guns were used in the past which resembled a box with a handle on the side and a opening at the front. Turning the handle rotated the brush inside which in turn flicked the Tyrolean Cullamix out and onto the pre-prepared surface. The thicker the material the heavier the texture. Sand and Cement Render Sheffield.

Today we tend to use a hopper gun and compressor for speed and ease of use. Again, while considering the costs, Tyrolean Render will only be a few pounds per square metre behind a Monocouche Through Coloured Render System.

Sand and Cement Render Sheffield - Rendering - MAC Rendering

Sand and Cement Render Process

Here at MAC Rendering, we will use a regular pre-bagged OCR (one coat render) and build it up to the required thickness.

Mesh can still be embedded for an additional cost and the final finish will be achieved dependant on what the final coating will be.

All of the Sand and Cement Rendering Systems are finished to manufacturer specifications which allows us to give our customers the relevant guarantees and warranties. Our renderers are NVQ Qualified, CSCS Approved and hold Public Liability Insurance.

Sand and Cement Render Prices

You can expect a professionally installed Traditional Sand and Cement Render to cost between £25 – £40 per square metre. Please remember that this is the average Sand and Cement Render prices that we have created using averages from previous projects.

There are additional costs that need to be considered with Traditional Sand and Cement Render prices including whether the customer would like full mesh or part mesh over stress points. Scaffolding and safe access, removal of waste render and disposal of all waste as well as protective setting and taping costs should be considered. More about our Sand and Cement Render Prices can be found on out prices page.

Guarantees Made For You

MAC Rendering offer 2 guarantees for all Sand and Cement Render works to give you the extra reassurance that your investment will be to the highest of standards, fully functional and very long lasting.

The MAC Plastering & Rendering Guarantee

We cover our own works for 3 years. This covers the application process and the work we have carried out, this ensures the materials have been applied and used correctly to achieve the final finish.

0% VAT on EWI works

To make external wall insulation more accessible, the Government offer external wall insulation without VAT in a bid to reduce cost on energy saving materials.