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Silicone Render

3 Year Applicator Guarantee

MAC Rendering Offer A Full 3 Year Rendering Application Guarantee.

0% VAT on EWI works

All installations of external wall insulation are priced without the addition of VAT.

Manufacturers Guarantee

Our Render Manufacturers Give Up To 10 to 30 Year Manufacturer Guarantees.

Silicone Render Sheffield - Covering All Areas Within South Yorkshire

Thin Coat Silicon Render Systems are extremely water resistant, flexible and weather resistant external external coating available in more than 1000 colours. It’s also known as Acrylic Render and Thin Coat Render.

Like Monocouche Render, Thin Coat Silicone is a render system that many paint and render manufacturers produce, such as Johnstones, Mapei and JUB. Thin Coat Silicone Render manufacturers all produce great systems and there is nothing really to choose between them. It largely comes down to personal preference and what you prefer best.

The system is built up using a pre-bagged base coat sponge finish and then coated with a silicone based thin coat render. This render system goes by many names such as Thin Coat, Bucket Coat, Silicone Render and Acrylic Render. Silicone Rendering is available is thousands of colours and can be tinted to your requirements. This is a premium product designed for refurbishment and new build projects.

Silicone Render Sheffield - Rendering - MAC Rendering

Using Only The Best Quality Manufacturers

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Why Use Silicone Render Systems?

Thin Coat Silicone Render Systems are a premium product that offer more flexibility and slightly better weather protection than Monocouche Render and even more so than traditional Sand and Cement Renders. Silicone is one of most preferred and recommended rendering materials.

A general rule of thumb is that a Thin Coat Silicone Render System works out roughly 25% more expensive than Monocouche Render due to the materials being more expensive and a longer application process. Render prices should not be the only deciding factor when choosing a render.

Like with Monocouche, we do not mix and match manufacturers materials to ensure our customers receive full manufacturer guarantees. If we use a JUB Render System then we will only use JUB’s materials from the base coat, mesh and then right up until the final Thin Coat Silicone Coating.

Winter working is very limited with Thin coat systems with rain the biggest threat. It can be done but the project may run longer than a summer job or a Monocouche project.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss Silicone Render Sheffield, Rotherham, Chesterfield and across South Yorkshire in more depth. You can visit our FAQ for immediate answers too or visit our projects page to see previous properties completed with a Silicone Render Finish.

Silicone Render Sheffield - Rendering - MAC Plastering & Rendering
Silicone Render Sheffield - Rendering - MAC Plastering & Rendering
Silicone Render Sheffield - Rendering - MAC Plastering & Rendering
Silicone Render Sheffield - MAC Rendering

Silicone Rendering Process

We spray the base coat from the manufacturer of your choosing, embed the mesh into the render and then apply a further light coating to build up the base coat to a thickness of around 10mm. 

This is then sponged to achieve a flat surface ready for the Silicone Thin Coat to be applied once fully cured. A primer coat is usually required before the final coat is either sprayed on through our machines or trowelled on by hand.

The finish is textured and a choice of grain size is available from 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 with most of the manufacturers that MAC Plastering & Rendering use. With a bigger grain size comes a heavier texture, a 1.5 grain is probably the most common.

Acrylic Render Sheffield - MAC Rendering

Silicone Render Prices

Typically you can expect a professionally installed Thin Coat Silicone Render costs between £45 – £60 per square metre. This is the average estimated cost for Silicone Render prices per square metre based on previous projects we have completed.

Other additional costs do need to be considered with Silicone Rendering prices including if the customer wants full mesh or part mesh over stress points. Scaffolding and safe access, waste render removal and waste disposal as well as costs for protective setting and taping should be also considered. More about our Silicone Render Prices prices can be found on out prices page.

All Silicone Render Systems we use are finished to manufacturer specifications enabling us to give our customers the relevant guarantees and warranties. MAC Rendering are NVQ Qualified, CSCS approved and hold Public Liability Insurance.

Guarantees Made For You

MAC Rendering offer 3 guarantees for all Silicone Render works to give you the extra reassurance that your investment will be to the highest of standards, fully functional and very long lasting.

The Manufacturers guarantee

The manufacturers guarantee – This covers the customer in the event of the product failing. If the product has been applied correctly using the correct materials this is highly unlikely to happen. Manufacturers guarantees range from 10 – 30 years and give you, the customer, peace of mind.

The Rendering Guarantee

We cover our own works for 3 years. This covers the application process and the work we have carried out, this ensures the materials have been applied and used correctly to achieve the final finish

0% VAT on EWI works

To make external wall insulation more accessible, the Government offer external wall insulation without VAT in a bid to reduce cost on energy saving materials.